Application of Quartz Powder in Concrete, Mortar and Geopolymers

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Quartz powder is a mineral made of silicon dioxide or silica, or SiO2. It is used in a wide range of industrial applications such as refractory materials, paints and adhesives.

It provides strength, durability and chemical inertness to the products it is added to. It is also a good choice for making paints, plastics and rubber.

Application and Manufacturing of Quartz Sands

The crystalline sand-like material is used as an abrasive and in many industrial processes such as sandblasting, glass grinding and polishing. It is a valuable ingredient in the production of glass, laboratory equipment, solar panels, telecommunications and investment casting.

Use of Quartz in Concrete, Mortar and Plaster

The application of quartz powder in cement is very common. It can be used as an additive in concrete, mortar and plaster to improve its properties such as porosity, elasticity and heat of hydration.

Adding Quartz to Cement and Geopolymers

There are several studies which have been carried out to employ quartz powder as a filler in traditional cementitious materials and geopolymers to obtain modified matrices, which can be more suitable for application. These matrices have been tested for fresh and hardened properties.

The results of the experiments indicate that the addition of a specific amount and particle size of waste quartz powder can be beneficial for the adhesion properties of epoxy resin coatings. Depending on the particle size of waste quartz powder, its content can influence the pull-off strength of the coating, with the particles up to 5 mm showing the highest effect.

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