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Tellurium is a typical scattered element. Tellurium and its compounds are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electronics, energy, medicine and health and other industries.Telluride is a compound of tellurium with a metal or a non-metal. Such as the representative of the telluride with a non-metal is hydrogen telluride, which is a colorless, odorous toxic gas; the metal telluride has copper telluride, which is insoluble in water.

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2) Should be avoid damp and high temperature.

3) Use immediately after opening the inner package bag.

Telluride Powder

Gallium Telluride GaTe Powder CAS 12024-14-5

About Gallium Telluride GaTe Powder:Gallium Telluride is a soft black crystal with a melting point of 824±2℃ and a relative density of 5.444 ~ 25. It has a sphalerite structure.Gallium (II) gallium telluride (GaTe) is a compound of gallium and tellurium. It is of great significance to study the structure...

Telluride Powder

Germanium Telluride GeTe Powder CAS 12025-39-7

About Germanium Telluride GeTe Powder:Germanium telluride(GeTe) is a compound of germanium and tellurium, which is a component of chalcogenide glass. It has semimetallic conductivity and ferroelectric properties. There are three main types of germanium telluride crystal: α(rhomboid) and γ(orthogonal) at room temperature and β(cubic, halite) at high temperature. At the ferroelectric...

Telluride Powder

Tin Telluride SnTe Powder Cas 12040-02-7

About Tin telluride SnTe powder:Tin Telluride, IV-VI compound semiconductor material, is compounded from IVA element Sn and VIA element TE. The molecular formula is SNTE. The banned bandwidth is 0.60 eV, which is a direct transmitting type. Tin Telluride is a semiconductor compound. Sodium chloride structure, ionic crystals, have a certain covalent...

Telluride Powder

Calcium Nitride Ca3N2 Powder CAS 12013-82-0

About Calcium Nitride Ca3N2 powderIn most cases, calcium nitride is usually available in large volumes. Biomedicalmaterialsprogram provides a wide range of products for hydrogen storage research, advanced fuel cells, and battery applications. Hydrogen is easily produced from renewable energy sources and is the most abundant element in the universe. Hydrogen...

Telluride Powder

Cuprous Telluride Powder Cu2Te Cas 12019-52-2

About Cuprous Telluride Cu2Te powder:Cuprous Telluride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Cu2Te, which is a blue-black octahedral crystal. The relative density is 7.27. The melting point is about 900℃. Insoluble in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, soluble in bromine water. Cuprous Telluride is often used as raw material...

Telluride Powder

Zinc Telluride Powder ZnTe Cas 1315-11-3

About Zinc Telluride ZnTe Powder:Zinc Telluride is a Group II-VI compound with the chemical formula ZnTe. In a hydrogen atmosphere, tellurium and zinc are heated together and then sublimated to produce reddish-brown zinc telluride. Because zinc telluride has a wide bandgap, it is often used to make semiconductor materials. Zinc Telluride...

Telluride Powder

Tungsten Telluride WTe2 Powder CAS 12067-76-4

About Tungsten Telluride WTe2 Powder:Tungsten telluride (WTe2) is a transitional metal chalcogenide with a layered structure. In its orthogonal cell, the tungsten chain presents a one-dimensional distribution along the A axis of the tellurium layer. It is a kind of non-magnetic semi-metallic material.Tungsten telluride (WTe2) is an inorganic semimetallic compound....

Telluride Powder

Cadmium Telluride Powder CdTe Cas 1306-25-8

About Cadmium Telluride Powder CdTe Powder:The chemical formula of cadmium telluride is CdTe, the molecular weight is 240.00, and it has certain liver and kidney toxicity. The melting point is 1041℃, and it decomposes when the temperature is higher, and the relative density is 6.2015. It is insoluble in water and...

Telluride Powder

Molybdenum Telluride MoTe2 Powder CAS 12058-20-7

About Molybdenum Telluride MoTe2 Powder:Molybdenum telluride (MoTe2) is a gray hexagonal powdered solid, which has a variety of forms, among which MoTe2 and Mo3Te4 are stable in air, decompose in alkali, insoluble in water, soluble in nitric acid, decompose in vacuum at high temperatures (not melting). Molybdenum telluride is often...

Telluride Powder

Silver Telluride Ag2Te Powder CAS 12002-99-2

About Silver Telluride Ag2Te Powder:The chemical formula of silver telluride Ag2Te.Molecular weight 343.34.Grey cubic crystal or powder.Melting point 955℃, relative density 8.5.Soluble in nitric acid, ammonia and potassium cyanide solution, insoluble in water.Silver telluride is a telluride compound of silver, also known as silver disilver telluride or silver telluride (I)....