Applications of Tantalum Plate

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Tantalum is a dark blue-gray, heavy, ductile and hard metal that has excellent corrosion resistance and can be dissolved with hydrofluoric acid only at low temperatures. It is the fourth highest melting point of all elements, and its chemical inertness makes it an excellent material for capacitors.

American Elements specializes in manufacturing tantalum plate as well as other advanced alloys and compounds for diverse applications. These products are fabricated using various processes such as crystallization, solid state and ultra high purification techniques and are available in numerous thicknesses.

These materials are widely used in the manufacture of a wide variety of components and products, including but not limited to, sensors, heat exchangers, nuclear reactors, and magnetic and radiation shielding. In addition, these metals are used to make a variety of surgical implants and closures that offer excellent strength, flexibility, and corrosion resistance.

They are also utilized for prosthetic devices in humans, such as hips. These medical parts are made of this durable and conductive metal because of their ability to resist corrosion, biocompatibility, and elasticity.

In addition, they are able to withstand the harsh environment of the human body. This makes them an ideal choice for creating prosthetics that are able to withstand the body’s rigors and provide the necessary support for patients.

We offer these products in the form of sheets and plates. These are rolled and annealed to provide the best suited condition for the desired application. The surface can be supplied in a shiny, matte or satin condition depending on thickness and width parameters.

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