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Cadmum Carbide Formula

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Cadmum carbide formula is a chemical compound which consists of carbon and metallic or semi-metallic elements. The ionic or covalent bond connects the carbide group with the metallic or semi-metallic element. Carbides have a high melting point and conduct electricity in the solid state.

This compound has a structure which is tetragonal. It has been studied using single-crystal X-ray diffraction and by magic angle spinning NMR. It can also be found in a cubic high-temperature modification (similar to cadmium chloride), and it is metastable. In the tetragonal form, the atoms are arranged in a honeycomb lattice with calcium ions and disordered carbon atoms occupying the interstices.

The reaction of this chemical with water produces acetylene gas, which is used in many industrial processes. It can be made by partial combustion of methane or as a side product in the production of ethylene from hydrocarbons. It is used in metallurgy to deoxidize metals and reduce their oxygen and sulfur content. It is also used in the manufacture of powdered carbide and as a plant growth regulator.

The compound reacts with nitrogen at higher temperatures to produce calcium cyanamide, which is useful as a fertilizer. It is also used to make a flame-resistant paint and in toy cannons to produce a loud explosion, and it is sometimes used as a test for soil moisture. Cadmium carbide is not commonly found in nature. It is produced from the waste of zinc processing and is found in the ores of some other metals, such as gold.

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