Calcium Hydride Market

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A grey powder that is soluble in water and alcohol, calcium hydride (CaH2) is an alkaline earth metal hydride. It reacts vigorously with water liberating hydrogen gas. It is used as a drying agent and also referred to as a desiccant. All alkali and some alkaline earth metals form hydrides with water and react with the water molecules to create water vapor. Hydrogen gas is the core building block for ammonia, a key fertilizer.

The global market for calcium hydride is expected to grow at a moderate CAGR during the assessment period. The primary reason for the growth is the growing adoption of hydrogen as a clean source of energy. This will provide considerable opportunities to the players operating in the current calcium hydride market. In addition, the high demand for the production of various metals will boost the market for the product.

Hydrogen is a clean, non-polluting fuel that forms water as a byproduct during use. However, it is not an ideal alternative for fossil fuels as it has limited availability and is expensive to transport. Therefore, it is essential to develop cost-effective and efficient storage and delivery methods.

The research for hydrogen hydride has been aided by the rapid growth of the chemical industry. In addition, advances in the field of hydrogen storage research and wider battery applications are driving the market for the product. The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily derailed the development and adoption of clean energy, but operations are expected to return on track in the near future.

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