Casio C1v1 – A Calculator For the Ages

A calculator for the ages

Casio’s C1v1 is an impressively built scientific device with a well conceived and executed design. This 10 digit model features a high quality display, high power battery and is a pleasure to hold, turn on or off with its smart touch keypad. It also boasts a hefty list of function boosting features.

First and foremost, the calculator features a full color digital display and has an impressive 256 x 64 pixel resolution. The large and oh so clear display is perfect for high-speed data entry and output. It is also an excellent platform for visualizing and presenting information to a broad range of users. It also features a programmable memory for storing up to 22 numbers.

The best part? The calculator is powered by two CR2032 batteries. This model is a great fit for home, office or classroom use. It will be an asset to your collection for years to come.

Probably the most impressive function of all is its dazzling design. A top quality display and a sturdy case protect this machine from the test of time.

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