Cesium Dichromate

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cesium dichromate is a yellow crystalline material with the formula Cs2CrO4. It is a non-radioactive alkali metal that is used in many applications, including hot cathode reflex discharge (HCRD) plasma generators. It is also used in atomic clocks and centrifugation fluids. It is often combined with other elements, such as magnesium, to form a cesium formate, which is useful in oil drilling fluids. It is a necessary component in cesium vapor thermionic generators that convert heat energy into electrical energy. It is found in nature combined with other elements as clay, soil, and dust.

The adsorption of cesium on natural or modified zeolite has been investigated using an equilibrium adsorption isotherm model. The adsorption is primarily driven by replacement of exchangeable cations by Cs+ ions in the zeolite crystal lattice. The adsorption is also influenced by pH and surface structure. The adsorbed amount of cesium can be increased by the substitution of tetravalent silica with trivalent aluminium in the zeolite structure.

The invention further relates to a dispenser capable of permeating cesium vapor, which comprises an elongated container having a depression 13 formed by cold working the foil and a slit blocked by a wire 43 that allows evaporation of cesium but prevents a powder mixture from being discharged. The slit can be opened or closed by means of a screw. The slit and the depression are positioned in a manner that permits the reducing agent to be used without having to be removed from the dispenser.

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