Chromium III Chloride Hexahydrate

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chromium iii chloride hexahydrate is a violet anhydrous compound that can be used as an organic synthesis catalyst and a dye for wool. It is considered reagent grade. NOTE: California Customers

This material is subject to California’s Safe Drinking Water and Clean Air Act regulations. All orders for this product must be accompanied by the required business documentation prior to shipment. Please contact customer service with any questions or concerns.

The hydrated chlorides of chromium(III) are known in many different forms, depending on the number of chloride anions coordinated to chromate:

Hexahydrate Chromium Chloride, Reagent Grade

In solution, hexahydrate chromate dissolves slowly, and is relatively inert. However, it readily hydrates with strong bases such as triethylamine to form a complex of the general formula [CrCl3]6+, which contains two octahedral chromium ions linked by three chloride bridges. This hydrate is also a good reductant, and it facilitates ligand substitution reactions with a wide variety of donor ligands in aqueous conditions. CrCl3 is very sluggish to react in the absence of a reducing agent, but if a small amount of the metal can be reduced to its corresponding ion by a strong reductant such as lithium aluminium hydride (LiAlH2) or zinc and hydrochloric acid, then substitution reactions can proceed quickly. The hydrated hexahydrate is also the starting point for octahedral tetrahedral chromium(II) chloride, CrCl4, which is a redox active reagent. This reagent is commonly used in the synthesis of (E)-alkenyl halides.

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