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Density of Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate

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density of anhydrous sodium sulfate

The density of anhydrous sodium sulfate is 2.671 grams per cubic centimeter. It is a colourless and white monoclinic crystal or powder. It is soluble in water, glycerol, and ethanol. The melting point is 884 degrees Celsius. It has good reactivity with sulphur oxides and sulphur compounds.

Sodium sulfate is an element with a symbol Na and the formula H2SO4. It is an important chemical raw material used in various applications. It is also a common additive for synthetic detergents.

It is often diluted with water to form a liquid, which can be used as an agent for the removal of traces of water from organic solvents. It is also a drying agent for a variety of materials, including tar, asphalt and rubber.

Anhydrous sulfate is an essential ingredient for many laboratory applications. It is used as a drying agent for non-aqueous solvents, a fining agent for molten glass and a levelling agent in textile processing. It is also used in the preparation of a wide range of products, such as salt crystals, soaps and cosmetics. It is a popular additive to detergents and laundry detergents, reducing the amount of salt needed in these products. It is also a component of many pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. It is used to treat various disorders such as headache, sprains and rheumatism, and to reduce the amount of salt required by the body. It is a natural mineral found in a variety of deposits around the world.

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