Fe Io3 3 Compound Name

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fe io3 3 compound name

The IO3 anion, which is the polyatomic anion that has the formula IO-3, has a central atom with three oxygens single bonded to it and one lone pair of electrons. It is a Lewis structure.

It is the main anion found in iodised table salt (KIO3). It is a strong acid that dissociates in water into H+ and IO3- ions.

Other names for this compound include stannous chloride, tin dichloride, tin salt and tin protochloride.

You can find iodized table salt at many stores, including some grocery stores and drugstores. It is also a popular food additive that is mainly used for coloring foods.

This compound has a chemical formula of Fe(IO3)2. The iodate ions are formed by adding water to iodine. They have a positive one charge. Other polyatomic ions that form with this charge are borate and phosphate ions.

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