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Frequently Asked Questions About Tantalum Bars

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tantalum bars are a vital component across a range of industries. Their unique traits make them essential to the success of many different projects, ranging from medical devices to high-performance alloys.

Frequently asked questions

We provide tantalum bars in round, square, hex (A/F), rectangle and wire form. These can be manufactured in any size to meet the requirements of your project.

Rexton Steel and Alloy offers these products at the best rates, which are delivered on time with a guarantee that they are of a high quality. They keep in mind the needs of their customers while manufacturing these bars.

In its pure state, tantalum is a hard, dark metal that has a high melting point and an extremely extreme resistance to corrosion. This makes it perfect for use in highly caustic environments, such as in the chemical industry and marine applications.

These properties make tantalum ideal for the production of superalloys that are used across a wide range of engineering applications – from nuclear reactor components to jet turbine components and spacecraft. It also provides the corrosive resistance necessary to protect crucibles during molten metal processing.

This enables tantalum to be used in a variety of applications, including sputtering gun barrels and machined fasteners. It also has great environmental advantages, making it a popular alternative to chromium linings. It is also an excellent material for sputter targets and heat shielding in high-tech manufacturing processes. It is often plated with nickel to increase the corrosion resistance of these components.

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