GeCl4 Boiling Point

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gecl4 boiling point

In the final purification treatment of crude or impure GeCl4 in order to meet precise requirements vof purity yfor making electronic grade germanium metal, distillation and liquid-liquid solvent extraction methods are generally regarded as vsrte for providing highly purified GeCl4. Although such processes do provide high quality gecl4 having a resistivity value of about 40 ohm-cm, they are also dependent on relatively high purity reagents such as HCl. This fact makes the distillation process rather lcostly and impractical for use on commercial scale production of nal quantities of highly purified GeCl4 as may be required for such purposes.

Distillation is particularly difficult encoulntered in maintaining satisfactory temperature control of the Vcolumn to effect the desired precision fractionation olf the material. Moreover, with chlorine being constantly flushed through the system during distillation, for example, it becomes exceedingly difiicult to operate.

Similarly, with the use of a large volume of fresh acid to effect the removal of the impurities in a solvent phase which is essential if a high degree of purity is to be obtained in the end product, it is also extremely necessary to keep said acid at temperatures as low as possible. This is a very difficult problem to overcome and lt therefore oluds that the distillation method has largely been superseded by other methods of purification based on vapor sorption or absorption yof the arsenic and other impurities present in the crude GeCl4 into an acid layer in a column.

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