Gold Iodide Formula (AuI)

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Gold iodide formula (AuI) is the inorganic compound of gold and iodine. It is formed by exposing gold to a solution of iodine. Gold iodide reacts with Lewis bases to form numerous complexes. The first title compound, [Au(C7H11BrN2)2]I, crystallizes in the P space group with no imposed symmetry and has both cations and anions linked by BrIBr halogen bond linkages.

The iodine-iodide-gold extraction method is a simple, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and highly effective way of leaching gold from ores, especially in small scale mining operations. However, the efficiency of this process is limited due to several factors such as the iodine and iodide concentrations, the gold concentration in the anolyte, the iodine-iodide ratio, and the electrolysis cell voltage. The aim of this research is to optimize the process conditions to increase the gold deposition rate.

To do this, the iodine-iodide-gold reaction was studied in different conditions and the response surfaces and contour maps were generated. Through the contour map, the effect of each factor on the gold deposition rate can be clearly displayed. It can be found that there exists a significant interaction between iodine-iodide and the iodine-iodide-gold rate, with a higher value of the iodine-iodide-gold interaction coefficient indicating a stronger effect. In addition, the iodine-iodide-gold ratio and the electrolysis cell voltage can also have a strong impact on the gold deposition rate. By optimizing the process conditions, the optimal iodine-iodide-gold leaching rate of more than 85% was obtained.

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