Gold Is A Precursor To Other Metals

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Gold is the least reactive of the metals, but it can form many compounds with other elements. It is usually found as a free element and with silver in alloys. It also occurs with tellurium and with tin in sulphide compounds, of which auric chloride is the most common. Auric chloride is soluble in water and alcohol, but decomposes at 160 degrees C and on exposure to light; it dissolves in aqua regia and yields metallic gold. Weak voltaic currents cause it to precipitate from solutions in the presence of hydrochloric acid, which is removed by shaking with ether, which removes the protochloride as well.

X-ray absorption spectroscopy, hydrothermal reactor studies, and first-principle molecular dynamics analysis of gold local atomic structure and solubility show that stable gold-trisulfur ion complexes have large capacities to extract, transfer, and precipitate gold from magma and rock sources. These capacities may reduce by 10-100 times the duration and the size of gold deposits formed from a given magma or rock source.

gold i sulfate is an insoluble yellowish-white solid, which can be prepared by dissolving gold in aqua regia and evaporating it to dryness. It is hygroscopic, soluble in water and ethanol, and is attacked by chlorine only at elevated temperatures. It is a precursor to the more common gold(III) chloride (AuCl3), which, with a rise in vapour pressure and a decrease in the pressure of dissociation, yields metallic gold at room temperature. It is also a precursor to the gold(I) chloride dihydrate, which crystallises in the presence of water and is coloured purple by transmitted light.

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