Graphene Dispersion and Surfactant Mixtures

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In order to take advantage of the unique properties graphene has to offer, it must be dispersed into a liquid carrier. This is an important step in bringing the material to real world industrial applications as it enables the addition of graphene into existing processes at the correct concentration, with minimal impact on viscosity and without impeding performance.

Graphene can be dispersed in a variety of ways, ranging from chemical to mechanical exfoliation to carbon vapor deposition. However, not all methods are equal and some are more successful than others at delivering a well-distributed product.

For example, a properly prepared graphene dispersion is likely to have lower permeability and higher strength than a graphene that has not been dispersed. It is also more likely to have a consistent composition and be compatible with other materials, resulting in a more effective transfer of the value-adding properties graphene has to offer into an application.

In this article, the authors have systematically investigated the effects of surfactant mixtures on the dispersion of GO flakes in water. Sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS,>99%) and cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB,>99%) were used as surfactants. They analyzed the dispersion behavior of pure SDS, CTAB and different combinations of SDS/CTAB (9:1) and SDS/CTAB (1:9) by comparing their absorbance intensity and Zeta potential.

Applied Graphene Materials UK Ltd is an innovator in this field, supplying high quality dispersions of defect-free, unoxidized, pristine graphene made from mechanical exfoliation and customisable to customer requirements. These user-friendly solutions enable formulators and materials engineers to incorporate the unique properties of graphene into their products at the correct concentration and with minimal impact on viscosity, enabling them to develop their own high performance applications.

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