High Purity Copper Powder

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high purity copper powder is used in 3D printing, miniature electronics and conductive pastes. It also has biocidal properties and can be used in some biomedical contexts. Copper powder works wonderfully for making photovoltaic cells, and is conductive to inks for 3D printers. It is a vital raw material in the copper mining and powder metallurgy industries.

Obtaining high purity copper powder requires expensive materials and complicated production procedures. The particle size should not be larger than 1 um, and the particles must be round and pure to at least 99,999%. One gram of this copper costs from 300 to 2500 euros, depending on the purchase quantity. To produce it, a quarter ton of copper is needed along with many solutions, catalysts and additives.

The XPS high-energy resolution spectra were recorded for the surfaces of three different powder variants. The main Cu 2p3/2 peak was found at 932.5 eV, indicating that the powders contained both metallic copper and some oxides. To distinguish between the two, the Auger Cu L3M45M45 peak was also recorded.

The global high-purity copper powder market is growing at a moderate pace, with a readjusted value of USD 467 million for 2022 and a projected value of USD 670.9 million in 2029. The demand is expected to be driven by construction and electrical component manufacturing. The demand from the LAMEA region is also expected to rise. It is primarily driven by Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and the rest of Latin America, which are key producers of copper components.

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