How can infrared remote control quantum technology

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What color is cadmium selenide?

It is a crystal that can be gray-brown, red or even orange. Cadmium Selenide is the solid binary compound made of cadmium (Cd) and selenium. It is a n-type material which is transparent to infrared. The particle size provided by Materials: particles, 100 mesh; purity: 99.9%.

Is cadmium selenide poisonous?

Selenium is toxic and can cause a great deal of toxicity. Cadmium selenide has been proven to be a carcinogen for humans. If the substance is swallowed or comes in contact with the eyes or skin, it must be treated by a medical professional. Current research is primarily focused on the control of development.

Uses for cadmium selenide

1. Optoelectronic devices

2. Laser diode

3. Biomedical imaging

4. Nano sensing

5. High-efficiency solar cells

6. Thin film transistor

How do I store cadmium selenide?

Store in an airy, dry, and cool warehouse. Keep away from heat and flame sources. The package is sealed. Store the chemical separately from other oxidants, acids and edible chemicals. Equip yourself with enough fire equipment. It is important to equip the storage area with appropriate materials for containing leakage.

Can cadmium be harmful to your health?

The body is harmed by inhalation and oral administration. It is irritating. Contact can cause nausea, headaches and vomiting. Chronic effects: kidney and lung damage. Heat or acid can create highly toxic hydrogen-selenide gas. Selenium oxide is produced by combustion (decomposition).

Emergency treatment methods

1. Leakage emergency treatment

Restrict access and isolate the area that is leaking. Emergency response personnel are advised to wear self-contained positive pressurized breathing apparatus as well as general work clothing. If there is a small amount of leakage, use a clean, dry shovel to collect it in a container that has been covered. Large amounts of leakage should be collected, recycled or transported to waste disposal sites.

2. Protective measures

Protecting your respiratory system

You must wear a dust-proof electric air-supply hood filter when exposed to dust. Wearing an air respirator is recommended during evacuations or emergency rescues.

Eye protection

Protection has been used for respiratory protection.

Body protection

Wear protective clothing and protective tape.

Hand protection

wear rubber gloves.


The workplace is a no-smoking zone. Attention to personal hygiene.

3. First-aid measures

Skin contact

Rinse the skin well with soap and hot water. Seek medical attention

Eye contact

Lift the eyelids and rinse them with water running or normal saline. Seek medical attention.


Quickly leave the scene and go somewhere with fresh air. Airways should be kept clear. Oxygen is recommended if breathing becomes difficult. If breathing stops, you should immediately start artificial respiration. Seek medical attention.


Get medical help if you vomit and drink enough warm water.

Fire fighting method:

Special protective clothing is required for firefighters.

Extinguishing agent

Carbon dioxide dry powder, sandy soil

Remote control quantum technology using infrared

Los Alamos’ team developed a high-efficiency infrared LED that is tuned to specific wavelengths. This was achieved by adding an intermediate layer made of mercury sulfide between the core and shell interface.

Prices of cadmium selenide

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