How to Get Your Hands on a Platinum Ingot in World of Warcraft

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A platinum ingot is a refined material that can be made by processing platinum ore and other relevant materials. They are one of the higher-tier crafting ingredients in the game and can be a boon to players looking to craft the latest and greatest weapons and armor.

platinum ingots aren’t as easy to come by during the early game phases of the game as they are in later stages. Thankfully, there are a few spots that produce high quality platinum ingots in volume and it is relatively easy to get your hands on the stuff if you know where to look.

Getting the right amount of platinum ingots isn’t always a simple task but it’s doable with the right combination of resources and a little hard work. The most obvious way to obtain this material is to go out and mine a few troves of platinum veins. This is the only way to guarantee a substantial yield and is often the best method of all.

A platinum coin is another way to acquire this precious metal without breaking the bank. These are produced by recognized mints and refiners, but they’re smaller in size than an actual platinum bar.

It’s a safe bet that many financial advisors will recommend that 5% to 9.5% of your investment portfolio be dedicated to “hard assets” such as gold, silver and platinum. These types of investments can be a valuable component of your total asset portfolio and help to mitigate risk.

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