Inconel 718 Powder

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A high strength, oxidation resistant nickel-chromium-iron superalloy powder suitable for aerospace applications. It is used in jet engines, gas turbines, and combustors as well as in many other high temperature environments. It has excellent tensile, fatigue, and creep strength and is also easily fabricated in complex parts. inconel 718 powder has been a popular metal for AM due to its ability to produce parts in complex shapes, eliminating costly welding steps and reducing overall production costs. However, AM requires careful design to maximize the full potential of the process. The material’s physical properties, such as strength and ductility, are directly affected by its phase composition and morphology during the AM process. These changes are difficult to evaluate, as these phases form under non-equilibrium conditions in the rapid melting of the powders. For L-PBF AM, a combination of heat treatment cycles, which can range from low to high temperatures, is necessary to achieve the desired mechanical properties. These cycles influence the degree of homogenization and result in variations in the d phase. This can affect the morphology of the microstructure, and thereby the final properties of the resulting part. Therefore, a holistic approach is required to optimize AM materials for their performance and minimize waste. This includes the selection of appropriate feedstock and the ability to characterize the behavior and characteristics of the powders. A sample of virgin and recycled powders were prepared for this study and their particle shape, size distribution (PSD), surface texture, rheological or flow properties, and packing behavior were investigated. A HORIBA LA-960 laser particle size analyzer was used to quantify these characteristics in accordance with ISO 13320-1 standards.

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