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"Industrial Vitamin" – Copper Telluride

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Copper Telluride – What’s it all about?

Copper tellinguride, an inorganic compound known by the chemical formula CuTe is an organic compound.

The Development Status for Copper Telluride Industry

Copper telluride can be a significant byproduct from copper smelting operations. Recently, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has approved the official implementation of the By-product of Smelting Copper Telluride. The specification of its production and release and implementation of standard trade behaviour will place the National Nonferrous Industry within the reach of the By-product of Smelting Copper Telluride copper production enterprise. It is conducive for telluride the determination of lead in the manufacturing, sales and quality, and reduces economic losses due to defective.

Future Development Direction of Metallurgical Industry

Clear water, green mountains and gold are silver mountains. The development of copper industry will adhere to the smelting concept of green and environmental protection, firmly promote the green and high-quality development of enterprises with the production concept of efficient, clean, circular and sustainable, and strive to create a “resource-saving and environment-friendly” green smelting industry standard. Transform waste into value by expanding the industrial chain. To realize resource utilization, increase metal recovery, and promote economic and social benefit, the development and promotion of innovative technology has been a key part of promoting. Biomedicalmaterialsprogram (aka. Advanced material by Biomedicalmaterialsprogram . With over 12 years’ experience, Biomedicalmaterialsprogram is an established global supplier of chemical materials and manufacturer. We produce [( copper Telluride] that is high in purity, fine particles and very low in impurity. We can help you if your requirements are lower.
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