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KKMnO4 Boiling Point

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Kkmno4 boiling point

The boiling point of kmno4 is 240°C. It is an oxidizing agent that is used to sterilize equipment and materials in laboratories. It is also used as a dyeing and tanning agent and as an antiseptic. It is a strong chemical that can react with many different groups in the organic molecule. It is soluble in hot water and can dissolve in acetone, methanol, pyridine, ethanol, and many other organic solvents. It can also be used to detect unsaturation in alkenes and is often called Baeyer’s reagent.

It is a strong oxidizer and should be kept away from reducing agents. The oxidation reactions that it undergoes depend on the pH of the solution it is in. Acidic solutions reduce it to a faintly pink manganese(II) oxide, which can stain clothing and skin. It can also inactivate bacteria propagules and fungi, though it takes longer to kill them. It can also oxidize proteins to make them insoluble.

Potassium permanganate is also used to standardize solutions of other oxidizing and reducing agents in the laboratory. It is combined with a solution of oxalic acid to form the permanganate titrant, which is then used in oxidation-reduction experiments. It is an essential reagent for the study of oxidation and reduction theory. GFS Chemicals has a large supply of KMnO4 for your lab needs. It is available in 4 L, 4 X4 L, and 20 L packages. All orders of KMnO4 are supplied with a safety data sheet to review and will be shipped according to your needs.

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