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Luaug Mineral and LuAG

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Luaug mineral is a well-known and promising host for ionization radiation based scintillators in various applications, ranging from radiation monitoring to computer tomography [1]. The crystallographic properties of LuAG host are superior to those of YAG, which makes this material attractive for the creation of composite scintillators with a-particles and g-rays detection. The LPE grown LuAG:Pr SCFs/ and LuAG:Sc SC epitaxial structures were characterized in terms of their absorption, cathodoluminescence (CL) and scintillation light yield (LY) under a-particles and g-ray excitation.

The absorption spectra of the two LuAG:Pr SCF/LuAG:Sc SC samples grow on different YAG substrates reveal the existence of a wide low-intensive absorption band peaked in 260-262 nm, which corresponds to the allowed 4f-5d1,2 transitions of Pb2+ flux impurity in these SCFs. The other absorption bands observed in the spectra are most probably caused by re-absorption of UV emission of Sc3+ ions.

The LY maxima of both LuAG:Sc SC samples, measured with shaping times of 0.5-10 ms, were in the range 1735 and 1457 ph/MeV. The energy resolution of the two samples, measured with a-particles registration and g-ray excitation of 662 keV 137Cs, shows opposite dependency on the LY/shaping time dependence and lies in 13.2-30.4% and 14.4-32.3% ranges, respectively. The variations of LYa and LYg values as well as ta/tg and tg/ta ratios for both samples were found to be small. The sensitivity of LuAG:Pr SCF/LuAG:ScSC to g-rays was comparable with that of YAG:Tb SC under similar conditions.

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