Magnesium Metal Powder

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magnesium metal powder is used for the production of pyrotechnic and signal flares. It is also used in the production of high-power light sources.

It is a soft, white powder that can be used as a lubricant in many applications. For example, it can be used by gymnasts to prevent their hands from sweating when lifting equipment. It can also be used in pharmacological manufacture to ensure that tablets do not stick together.

Uses for magnesium powder:

It can be oxidized to form magnesium oxide, which is a very good anti-corrosion material. It can also be reacted with sulfur to produce magnesium sulfate, a common chemical used in antiseptics and disinfectants.

This can be used to make strong alloys for various industrial applications. It is also a reducing agent in ruthenium(III) complex catalyzed atom-transfer radical addition (ATRA) and cyclization reactions.

The reaction is not as vigorous as that of sodium or lithium.

Magnesium hydride is under investigation as a way to store hydrogen. It is formed by the reduction of upgraded titania slag under a hydrogen atmosphere.

The process is similar to that of producing aluminum powders. It is a polydisperse powder and has a particle size from several microns up to 0.5-1 mm.

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