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Mercury Powder

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mercury powder is a white powder made by grinding up mercury (mercury metal) or mercury compounds. It is used in medicine as a cathartic and diuretic. It also has antifungal properties and is used in ointments for fungal skin diseases.

Inorganic mercury has a variety of uses and is important for the production of some products such as paper, paints, and batteries. It is a heavy, silvery-colored d-block element that is the only metallic substance that is liquid at normal temperatures and pressures. It is used in calomel electrodes, dental amalgams, and some medications as a cathartic and diuretic.

Liquid mercury is very dangerous, and its vapors can be deadly at high concentrations. Inorganic mercury can also cause kidney damage, nervous disturbances, memory problems, skin rash, and other symptoms when ingested or applied to the skin over long periods of time.

The most common form of mercury used in Traditional Chinese Medicine is mercurous chloride or calomel. It is used in preparing other mercury compounds, as a disinfectant, and in some antifungal skin ointments. It is also a very useful ingredient in the production of Baijiang Dan, which treats many conditions with its powerful bactericidal action. In studies on mouse renal toxicity, it has been shown that this medicine can significantly reduce the number of inflammatory cells and the accumulation of oxidized proteins in the kidney. In addition, it has the ability to bind and destroy pathological protein molecules that are involved in the development of various types of kidney damage.

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