Molybdenum Disc

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molybdenum disc is widely demanded as a contact materials in transistors, thyristors and silicon controlled rectifier diodes. It is robustly designed and offers high temperature resistance. It is available in several specifications.

Commonly used as a lubricant, molybdenum sulfide (MoS2) has a low coefficient of sliding friction even at temperatures up to several hundred degrees centigrade. It is commonly used as a dry lubricant and is also mixed with other oils and greases to provide extra lubrication for parts which are difficult to keep lubricated.

In electronics, molybdenum rods and bars have outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity and are used in a wide range of applications such as current leads for thorium cathodes, magnetron end hats, and magnetron mandrels. They also have a high tensile strength, and can be drawn into wire for electronic circuitry.

Other industrial uses include a variety of sensors and detectors for magnetic and electrical applications. Among these, magnetic phonograph cartridges, compass sensors, and magnetometers are all used for detecting magnetic fields in a variety of applications.

As with all chemicals, the ultimate disposal of molybdenum should be carefully considered and preferably recovered. The chemical may migrate into soil or water, and it can contaminate animal and plant life in the environment. In addition, disposal processes may impact air quality and public health. Therefore, the most environmentally responsible course of action is to minimize the amount of material disposed of, and to return it for reuse or recycling whenever possible.

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