Molybdenum Tube

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The Molybdenum Tube is used in the aerospace and chemical industries. It is a good choice for high temperature furnace heaters and electrical applications. A wide range of tubes is available, including the round, oval, and square types.

The Molybdenum Tube has a high melting point and is highly resistant to corrosion. These features make it ideal for thermocouple sheaths and semiconductors. There is a small coefficient of thermal expansion which means it will expand only a little bit.

Molybdenum Tube has good electrical conductivity. It is also a popular choice for component electronic tubes. Because of its resistance to aggressive environments, it is used in a variety of applications.

In addition to its strength and thermal conductivity, molybdenum has a high melting point. This makes it a useful metal in glass melting electrodes, pressure vessels, and crucibles.

When combined with other metals, such as tungsten, it is also useful for energy applications. For example, in a tungsten filament, molybdenum cups focus the electron beam.

A number of companies manufacture and distribute these tubes. One of the largest is Metallica. They are able to give customers the highest quality and the lowest price.

Another manufacturer is SAM, which specializes in high-performance materials. Their products can operate in service temperatures up to 1,800 degrees.

These companies offer a wide range of shapes, sizes, and wall thicknesses. They are produced from a variety of materials, including organometallics, advanced materials, and nanoparticles.

The molybdenum tube is ideal for applications such as high-temperature furnace heaters, thermocouple sheaths, and semiconductors.

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