Quartz Powder Application

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Powdered quartz is a material used in a wide range of applications. It has a high purity and good chemical and electrical properties. Some applications include abrasives, ceramics, glass, paint manufacturing, and refractory materials.

Modification of powdered quartz can improve its infiltration and dispersibility into polymers. This modification can also enhance the industrial value of powdered quartz and reduce its coating production costs.

The modified quartz powder has a three-dimensional network structure and a large number of active points. It has good light transmittance and stability, superior electrical insulation, and good infrared reflectivity. In addition, it has a high development prospect.

Nano-quartz powder has a large market demand. In addition, it has unique characteristics in many application fields. For example, it has a three-dimensional network structure, good light transmittance and stability, and excellent infrared reflectivity. However, it is a little more expensive to produce than micron-level.

Silicate minerals are mechanically milled to generate ions and free radicals. These ions and free radicals can bond with foreign functional groups and generate mineral surface reactions. Mineral surface reactions include oxidation-reduction, ex-situ catalytic reactions, and surface crystal growth.

In particular, finer particles have more surface active hydroxyl groups, which facilitate chemical reactions. The size of the surface active hydroxyl group influences the coating effect. Therefore, the particle size of a wet gel should be selected from the target particle size distribution. Particle contraction caused by drying and burning will affect the size of the particles.

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