Sodium Chromite Tetrahydrate

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Sodium chromate tetrahydrate is an oxidant that is used in organic synthesis. It is a strong oxidizer that is used to convert primary alcohols to carboxylic acids. The chemical is also used as an auxiliary in textile industries.

Sodium chromate is considered to be carcinogenic and may be a potential cause of blindness. There are serious health risks associated with prolonged exposure to the substance, including liver, kidney, and peripheral vascular damage, as well as severe circulatory collapse, ulcers, and burns. Ingestion of the substance is also dangerous.

Although it is not used for medical purposes, consuming sodium chromate can result in acute and chronic poisoning. Ingestion of large amounts of the compound over long periods can result in severe circulatory collapse, violent gastroenteritis, and perforation of the nasal septum. Exposure to the substance can also cause heritable genetic damage.

Sodium chromate tetrahydrate has been known to react with absorbents and can cause toxic fumes. Because of this, it is important to discard contaminated absorbents in sealed vapor-tight containers. Sodium chromate tetrahydrate can also be a potential fire hazard.

In addition to these dangers, the chemical is not safe for use in food products. It should never be combined with foods or taken orally. When inhaled, it can cause a respiratory irritant, and it can harm unborn children. Likewise, it can lead to burns and blisters if contacted with the skin.

Sodium chromate tetrahydrate should be disposed of as hazardous waste. Whenever a spill occurs, the material should be removed to a suitable container.

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