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What color is CaH2?

Calcium hydride

CaH2 is an inorganic compound with a Molecular Weight of 42.10. These crystals are grayish-white and easily deliquescent. They can be used as reducing agent, desiccants or chemical analysis reagents. It can also be a colorless, orthorhombic mineral; industrial products come in gray, orthorhombic and powder forms.

What other substances can CaH2 interact with?

At room temperature it does not react, but at higher temperatures, it can produce calcium chloride, calcium nitride and calcium oxide.

What happens when CaH2 and water react?

Calcium hydride

The (CaH2) reacts violently, releasing hydrogen. The activation energies of the CaH2 reaction in ethanol solutions (Ea=20.03 kJ/mol), are lower than those of other reactions.

What type of bonding occurs within calcium hydride

Then the calcium loses its electrons and two hydrogen atoms accept these electrons. The compound calcium hydride then forms through the donation and acceptance of two hydrogen atoms. The ionic compound calcium hydride or ionic hydrogen is formed.

Calcium Hydride: Is it harmful?

Inhaling the calcium hydride may cause irritation to the lungs. This can lead to coughing or shortness breath. In higher doses, fluid can build up in the lungs causing pulmonary edema. This is a medical condition that causes severe shortness. Calcium hydride can be a reactive and flammable chemical, which poses fire and explosion risks.

How to neutralize calcium hydroxide

It is easy to neutralize calcium hydroxide by adding it slowly to a large quantity of water in a well ventilated area. The exposure of calcium hydride with water vapor is a slower, but safer method. You can use long-chain alcohols instead of water to neutralize this compound.

Does calcium react to oxygen?

At room temperature calcium reacts to oxygen and forms a thin CaO layer, which protects the metal from further corrosion. When calcium is ignited it will react to oxygen and nitrogen forming calcium oxide (CaO) or calcium nitride.

Method for detecting water intrusion in lubricating Oil

It is easy to use a pressure detector for calcium hydride on site. It is based on the principle that water and calcium-hydride react to release hydrogen gas. This causes the pressure of the closed container in the container change. It is possible to calculate from the change in pressure how much calcium hydride has reacted. This method is more cost-effective.

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Calcium hydride



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