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Study on Semiconductor Material Bismuth Telluride

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What property does Bismuth Telluride have?

Bismuth-telluride, a powdery gray substance with the formula Bi2Te3, is a material that contains a high concentration of bismuth. Bismuth telluride, a semiconductor, has a good electrical conductivity but mediocre thermal conductivity. It is not fatal to consume large quantities of bismuth, but it can cause serious harm if taken in excessive amounts. The material is able to allow electrons on its surface to move at room temperatures without using energy, which can lead to a significant increase in the speed of chip operation.

What is the preparation method of Bismuth Teluride?

Bismuth Telluride Powder Materials can be made into various devices. There are several common preparation methods: plasma activated sintering, hot pressing, Bridgman and zone melting.

1. Zone melting: This is a method for growing single crystals through melting and crystallization polycrystalline ingots. The rod-shaped ingot of polycrystalline material is melted only in a small area. The rest is left solid.

2. Bridgman method is a method of crystal growth that is commonly used. It’s also called crucible descending. This method involves putting the crystal-growing material in a crucible that is shaped like a cylinder, and passing it slowly through a resistance furnace or high-frequency oven with a gradient of temperature. The temperature of a furnace should be slightly greater than the melting points of crystal materials. When the crystal material in the crucible falls into the heating center, it begins to melt. If the crucible drops slowly after passing the center, then the temperature begins to drop at the bottom. This method works best with common ionic compound, like halides of metals such as alkali and earth metals.

3. Czochralski method (also called Chukraski technique): Chukraski, in 1917, invented this method to produce high-quality single crystalline from melt. This method involves placing crystal material in a crucible. Use the pull rod after the crystal melts and heats the crucible.

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