Sulfur 33 International Reference Material

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Sulfur is the yellow nonmetallic element that abounds in nature, used for matches, gunpowder, rubber and in many proteins. It also plays a crucial role in the oxidative redox reactions that regulate the carbonate and silicate cycles in the oceans. This week’s element, sulfur 33, is the main source of the foul-smelling compound butyl seleno-mercaptan, which skunks use to deter predators.

While many laboratories have been able to establish stable isotope methods for sulfur isotopes, there are currently no international reference materials available. This limits interlaboratory comparisons and increases uncertainty in the interpretation of results. We have developed two sodium sulfate samples enriched in sulfur isotopes to provide international reference material for the normalization of sulfur isotope data. These reference samples will be useful for investigating a variety of issues associated with blanks and mass spectrometry.

a A cumulative plot of the evolving mean 33S value of the pre-2.3 Ga multiple sulfur isotope (MSI) database. Solid lines represent the compiled 33S values in the Time Adjusted (TA), Craton Adjusted (CA) and unadjusted spot sample averaged (SSA) datasets respectively. Colours indicate craton(s) explored, with green signalling the full database, blue illustrating the Kaapvaal and Pilbara data combined and orange representing the unadjusted SSA 33S datasets.

Sulfur is produced by the fusion of carbon-12 with successive captures of five helium-4 nuclei in type II supernovas. It has 23 naturally occurring isotopes, four of which are stable, and its atomic mass is equal to the atomic number 12. It is a nonmetallic element with a lustrous yellow appearance. Sulfur is supplied as a fine powder or in pieces, pellets and granules for thin film applications. It is also available as an ingot and as a sputtering target. American Elements supplies sulfur in ultra high purity and high specificity for biological and biomedical labeling, nucleotide sequencing studies, and other research applications.

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