The Applications of Chromium Carbide

What is it?

Chromium Carbide

Chromium carbide has a high melting temperature and is highly resistant to corrosion, wear, and oxidation. It can be used in high-temperature environments (10001100). It has a high melting point and is used widely in thermal spraying to protect metal surfaces.

The key features of

Chromium Carbide

Gray powder with metallic shine; Orthorhombic system. Density: 6.68g/cm3. Melting Point: 1890. Excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to oxidation in high temperature environments (1000-1100). It is a part of a metal ceramic. Chromium carbide is strong in high-temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and thermal properties that are comparable to steel. It is a good material for many industries.

Chromium Carbide Properties

Other Titles
chrome carbide, chromic carbide, trichromium dicarbide,

Cr3C2 or chromium Carbon, powder


Combination Formula

Molecular Weight

Gray to Black Powder

Melting Point
1895 degC

Boiling Point

6.68 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O


Chromium Carbide Cr3C2 Powder CAS 12012-35-0

The manufacturing of Chromium Carbide

Method for metal chromium pulverization by electrolytic chromium: The carbon noir is crushed with electrolytic chromemium in a proportion of 13.5% – 64% (mass) to make 325 mesh metal powder. This is more than the combined carbon content of 11.333%. Dry mixing the raw material with a ball mill. As a molding lubricant, you can add from 1% to 3% of stearic Acid. You should press mold with more than 1T/cChemicalbookm2 of pressure. Place the powder that has been pressed into a graphite crucible or plate. Heat it in a Taman furnace (or an induction heating furnace) to 1500-1600C. Then, let it cool in a hydrogen stream to make Chromium.

What applications are

Chromium Carbide

1. It can also be used as an addition to cemented caride (such as the tungsten-based cemented caride grain refiner), which is useful in mining, machining, and so on.

2. It can be used in welding additives. It can be used as a welding rod to cover the Chemicalbook surface of some types of mechanical equipment (such a ball mill, coal mill, jaw plate, etc.). It can be used to increase the service-life of many other equipment.

3. There are many thermal spray materials that can be used in metal surface protection technology. Ding Hong from Chemicalbook edited this information.

4. For chromium carbide ceramics. To form a coating of ceramics or metals with chromium carbonide, coarse-grained, melt-blown material, it is used. It gives the ceramics wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and other properties. It is widely used in aircraft engines, petrochemical mechanical devices and other applications to increase mechanical life. It can also be used to spray semiconductor films.

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