The Naming Method of Graphene

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Graphene Graphene consists primarily of carbon atoms that are tightly packed into a single layer, two-dimensional honeycomb lattice structure. Graphene exhibits excellent optical, mechanical, and electrical properties. This material has great potential for applications in materials science and micro-nano processes, energy, biomedicine and drug delivery. It is expected to be a breakthrough material in the near future.
To regulate the growth of the graphene industry, it is important to have a better understanding of graphene. China Graphene Standards Committee in 2014 reviewed single-layer graphene and double-layer graphene. There are many concepts like reduced graphene dioxide, functionalized graphene and graphene material.

The material’s electronic energy band structure has reached its 3-dimensional limit when there are 10 graphene layers. Therefore, graphene can only be defined within 10 layers. A single-layer graphene is a two-dimensional material made of carbon atoms that are arranged closely in a hexagonal honeycomb structure.

Two-layer graphenereferss to two layers carbon atoms that are frequently and closely packed into a benzene ring structural (that’s, a hexagonal honeycomb construction) and are made up of various stacking methods (including AB, AA, and AA’ stacking). Dimensional carbon materials.

The few-layer grapheneis a 2-dimensional carbon that is composed of 3-10 layers each of carbon atoms. It can be stacked in different ways (including ABC stacking or ABA stacking) and has a benzene ring structure. Material.

Single-layer Grapheneoxide – A two-dimensional carbon material that has oxygen-containing functional chains attached to the surface or boundary of a one-layer graphene. Grapheneoxide is a carbon material that has oxygen-containing functional links attached to the surface and boundary at least one graphene carbon atom layer. Grapheneoxide also includes the previously mentioned single-layer graphene.

Single layer reduced graphene oxygen refers to two-dimensional carbon materials obtained by deoxidizing single-layer graphene dioxide by incomplete removal (groups), of oxygen-containing functional units (groups), by chemical, electrochemical, heat or other treatment methods.

A two-dimensional carbon substance called reduced graphene oxide is created by deoxidizing or reducing the oxygen-containing functional group (groups) of grapheneoxide by chemical, electrochemical or heat treatment. One-layer reduced grapheneoxide is included in the reduction of graphene.

Functionalized graphene is a kind of graphene that contains heteroatoms/molecules (such as hydrogen, fluorine, oxygen-containing groups and other surface modification to form bonds, nitrogen, boron and other elements substitution doping, heteroatom/molecule intercalation) Etc.) Two-dimensional carbon material. Functionalized graphene can be either the grapheneoxid described above or reduced grapheneoxid.

This definition includes single-layer graphene as well as double-layer and few-layer versions of graphene. Both can be called graphene material.

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