The Property And Application of Hafnium Boride HfB2 Powder

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What property does hafnium boreide have?

Hafnium boride This crystal is gray with a metallic luster. It has a melting temperature of 3250°C, and it is known for its high conductivity. At room temperatures, hafnium-boride has little reaction with any chemical reagent (except HF). Hafnium Boride is made by heating hafnium dioxide with boron carbide (or boron oxide) and carbon powder.
Hafnium-boride powder can be prepared using the variable current laser beam gas phase technique. It is a novel ceramic material with high melt point, high thermal conduction, and other comprehensive high-temperature properties. It is mainly applied in high temperature ceramics, aircraft nose cones and aviation and aerospace.

How is hafnium-boride used?

The application fields for hafnium-diboride composites and ceramics are expanding with the development of materials technology. Hafnium is difficult to sinter. Ultrafine powder must be obtained to improve the performance of sintering. The cost of nano-powder, which is superior, is high. It is also difficult to disperse in raw materials processing and is difficult. Sub-micron hafnium Diboride Powder has received more and greater attention.

1. Hafnium-boride can be used for corrosion-resistant equipment, crucible coatings and anti-oxidation composites. It is also used to make refractory materials where molten steel is not corroded.
2. Hafnium-boride coatings are used for corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance.
3. Hafnium-boride can be used to produce composite ceramics.
4. Hafnium-boride is widely used in aerospace, aviation and other industries.

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