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Tungsten Disulfide Powder

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tungsten disulphide powder, also known as WS2, is one of the most lubricious substances in the world and offers dry lubricity unmatched by other lubricants, including Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) or Graphite. It also has extremely high temperature and pressure resistance ranging from -450 degrees F (-270o C) to 1200 degrees F (650o C) in a normal atmosphere and up to 2400 degrees F (1316o C) under vacuum.

WS2 occurs naturally as the rare mineral tungstenite and is a component of certain catalysts used for hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrification. It has a layered structure related to MoS2 with W atoms arranged in a trigonal prismatic coordination sphere.

In its crystalline form, it has an oxidation state of -2 to +4 and is nontoxic. It is highly resistant to fluorine gasses, sulfuric and hydrofluoric acids and hot, caustic alkaline solutions and can be applied to all stable metal substrates.

The coating can be sprayed onto the substrate with dry pneumatic air at 120 psi, without the need for any binders or spraying equipment and can be done at room temperature. The coated film will be 0.5 microns thick and will mirror back all of the characteristics of the substrate.

This coating is extremely effective in extending the life of bearings where lubricants are not available or are required to be able to withstand high torque and operating temperatures. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications from miniature bearings used in dental hand pieces to large bearings used in electrical power plants.

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