Tungsten Selenide

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Tungsten selenide is a material that is used in several applications such as photocatalysis, photovoltaics, and gas sensing. It can also be utilized as a sputtering target. It is a transition metal sulfur compound with a small bandgap width compared to other transition metal sulfur compounds.

The crystalline structure of tungsten diselenide is hexagonal. Two tungsten atoms are covalently bonded to six selenium atoms. The bond length is 3.34 A. This is similar to the structure of molybdenum disulfide.

When tungsten selenide is heated, it emits toxic fumes of selenium. It is therefore important to store tungsten selenide powder in a cool and dry place. Do not expose it to air.

Tungsten selenide is a group-VI transition metal dichalcogenide. It is a relatively light and transparent compound. It has excellent electrical and optical properties.

Tungsten diselenide has a band gap of 1.2 eV. It is a layered inorganic compound with good photostability. Because of its high photostability, it can be used for complementary logic circuits.

In addition, tungsten selenide is used as a new co-catalyst in the production of hydrogen peroxide. Research has shown that it has enhanced H2O2 production efficiency. As a result, it has gained considerable interest.

Several research groups have investigated the optoelectronics properties of tungsten diselenide. The X-ray diffraction studies were conducted to characterize the crystal structure, particle size, lattice parameters, and unit cell volume. The results indicated that the mass intensity at lower than 110 m/z could not be confirmed.

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