Types of Titanium Balls

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titanium balls

High strength and toughness combine with low density to make titanium a very desirable material for a number of applications. This metal is also non-magnetic and offers excellent heat transfer properties. It is also a very good electrical conductor. It is widely used in high reliability electrical contacts. Platinum is an expensive and precious metal that is primarily used in contact plates, electrical terminals, etc. It is very corrosion resistant and does not oxidize readily. Tungsten is an extremely hard and tough material that has a very unusual hexagonal close pack atomic structure, as opposed to most metallic elements which are face-centered or body-centered cubic. It has a very high hardness measurement of 36 HRC and a tensile strength of 128,000 PSI. Rene 41 is a very tough high temperature nickel-chrome-molybdenum alloy with a very low machinability rating. It is a good choice for very large diameter precision balls with close dimensional tolerances and exceptional surface quality. It is also used in a variety of down hole control valves that are subject to very harsh chemical environments. It has the ability to survive indefinitely if properly maintained and is a very durable material for this application. The hardness of these balls can be increased by applying a very high burnishing force. This results in a cold worked layer that is very corrosive resistant and offers an improved wear resistance on sliding components. It also reduces the coefficient of friction and specific wear rate significantly.

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