Ultrasonic Technology Can Reduce The Cost of Magnesium Diboride Superconductors

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Magnesium diboride (MgB2) This is an ionic complex with a hexagonal crystalline structure. It is an intercalation-type compound, with alternate layers of magnesium or boron.
Researchers have found that the temperature at which magnesium boride transforms into a high-temperature superconductor is slightly below the absolute temperature of 233degC (40K). Its temperature of transition is about twice as high compared to other superconductors.

Many practical applications already exist for superconductivity such as magnetic levitation and medical imaging. Superconductors can be used in many other fields of technology, including medical imaging and magnetic levitation trains.

Magnesium diboride (MgB2) has been attracting the attention from researchers ever since it was discovered. It is a superconductor which offers many advantages. It is lightweight and easy to process, can be made out of many pre-materials. The total cost of using Magnesium Boride is greatly reduced.

Superconductors are characterized by their critical current densities (Jc). The Jc of MgB2 is not easily increased in an economical manner.

Researchers from Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan, published an article in the journal “Materials Science and Engineering : B”. The paper describes how ultrasonic treatments can be used to improve mass. MgB2 JC.

The method used is to use ultrasonic wave to completely disperse boron. The hexane can then be vaporized and removed to obtain a fine boron, which will then be sintered with the magnesium to create magnesium boride.

Researchers are producing high-quality magnesium boride in bulk, the majority of which does not contain any oxidizing impurities. The Jc values increased between 20% and 30% depending on the time of sonication.
The scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive-X-ray spectrum revealed another mechanism that could lead to an enhancement of Jc. The team discovered a layer covering the boron-deficient pores, which looked like a magnesium boronoxide coating.

Researchers say that this will reduce the cost and technical difficulty of superconductors. It will also make it easier to use for the public, particularly in the medical sector.

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