What is Aluminium-Silicon Alloy

What is Aluminium Silicon Alloy?

The alloy of silicon-aluminum is composed of silicon and aluminum that can preserve the excellent properties of silicon and aluminum and aluminum, respectively.

Silicon is a good material for casting alloys that are made from metals. Because it improves the fluidity of the melt, reduces the melting temperature and reduces shrinkage that is associated with solidification, and is very cheap as an ingredient in raw materials. Silicon also has a very low density (2.34g/cm3). This can be a benefit in reducing the total weight for casting components. Silicon is extremely soluble within aluminum. It forms a precipitate that is almost pure silicon which is extremely hard and improves wear resistance. The content of silicon and aluminum is quite rich and the technology for preparation of silicon powder is mature and the cost is low and, in addition, this material does not cause any harm on the environment and is harmless to human health.

Si-Al alloy is a dense material with a density between 2.4g/cm3 to 2.7g/cm3 and the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), is between 7 to 20ppm. The density of Si-Al alloy, as well as its the coefficient of thermal expansion drop significantly when the silicon content rises. At the same time Si-Al alloy has excellent properties such as good thermal conductivity, excellent specific strength and stiffness. It also has a good coatings with silver, gold and nickel, able to be weldable using substrate, easy precision machining and so on.

Silicon-aluminum alloy can be a promising choice for electronic packaging materials in high-tech fields like space and aerospace technology.

What are the Types of Silicon Aluminum Alloys?

Four categories are possible to describe the importance of the industry’s silicon-aluminum alloy:

Hypoeutectic aluminum alloy made of silicon aluminum The silicon content ranges between 9 between 9% and 12%.

Eutectic silica aluminum alloy. The silicon content is between 11% and 13%.

Hypereutectic silicon aluminum alloy. The silicon content can range from 15% to 20 percent.

Aluminum alloy with high-silicone. Silicon content is higher than 22%. It is mostly 25-70%, and up to 80%.

What exactly does the Aluminum-Silicon Alloy do?

High-silicon-aluminum alloy has excellent tribological properties and is suitable for use as an advanced lightweight wear-resistant material for all kinds of transportation tools, power machinery and machine tools, as well as specific fasteners.

High silicon-aluminum alloy is extensively used in piston, cylinder liner and rotors of automotive engines. The alloy is low in specific gravity, low weight, low thermal conductivity, and high volume stability. It also provides corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and wear resistance.

It can also be employed for high-power integrated circuit packaging.


Optical frame.

Heat sink parts

Al-Si alloy can be utilized as a powerful deoxidizer compound. Replacing pure aluminum can improve the steelmaking process’ efficiency, as well as purify the melting and enhance the quality of the.

What Series is an Aluminium Silicon Alloy (ASI)?

4XXX series.

What exactly is Silumin, exactly?

Silumin is a group of aluminum alloys which are lightweight and high-strength, made using the aluminum-silicon combination. The majority of aluminum-silicon alloys contain 3% to 25% silicon. Casting is the primary application of these alloys however, they are also employed in the rapid process of solidification and powder metalurgical. Silica may be up to 50% of alloys that are made for powder metallurgy, rather than for casting. Silumin is suitable for use in wet environments due to its excellent resistance to corrosion.

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