What Is Copper Sulfide Used For?

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what is copper sulfide used for?

There are a variety of uses for this chemical compound, including pest control, fungicides, and herbicides. It can be applied to soil, plants, and fruit trees and can be purchased in the form of liquid or powder.


Copper sulfate is a common fungicide for controlling fungal diseases such as mildew and rust on vegetables and fruit. It binds to proteins in fungi, causing them to die and destroy their cells. It also works as a weedicide and can be sprayed onto garden beds to control invasive species of plant.


Copper sulfate can be used as a herbicide to kill invasive exotic aquatic plants and the roots of other plants near water pipes. It can also be used as an algicide in swimming pools to treat algae and remove snails and zebra mussels.

School chemistry experiment

If you want to get your kids interested in science, you can do some simple experiments using copper sulfate and water. The evaporation process creates beautiful blue crystals that children will love to watch grow!

Displacement reaction

When copper sulfate is heated, it changes to an anhydrous compound that is white. This is known as the pentahydrate form and it’s commonly used in school chemistry classes.

Then, when water is added, the anhydrous compound turns back to the pentahydrate form. This is used to demonstrate the displacement reaction.

Medical tests for anemia

When dissolved in a solution, copper sulfate can be used as an indicator to see if blood is anemic. When it’s mixed with a blood sample, it sinks to the bottom of the solution unless there’s an excess of hemoglobin in the sample.

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