What is magnesium stearate?

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Magnesium-stearate as an additive is in the supplement’s list of ingredients.

What is vegetable magnes stearate?

Magnesiumstearate, also known as stearic salt, is an additve, mobile agent, used to make tablets, capsules, and other forms of supplements or drugs. Stearic acids are saturated fats, and magnesium is an important mineral. Both nutrients naturally occur in different foods. They’re not actually harmful. Most commonly, vegetable magnesium Stearate is made from palm oils and is the basis for tablet manufacturing. Purified cottonseed and vegetable oils can also extract this substance.

Use magnesium stearate as a “flow-agent” in your supplement tablets. By acting as a flow agent, magnesium stearate can help prevent various components adhering. Mobile agents like vegetable magnesiumstrate can be used to mix the ingredients evenly and ensure consistency in the dosage of each capsule and tablet.

Although they may be considered harmful, supplements can still contain useful additives such as vegetable magnesia stearate. However, they are needed and perform different important roles in the production of supplements. The use of magnesium substitutes or not including it in supplements can even cause harm to the human body, as capsules and tablets may not contain enough.

Is magnesium stearate safe?

In 1990, a study on magnesium stearate revealed that it could cause immune suppression in T cells. It is important to remember that humans have different T cell types than mice. They are capable of reducing fatty acids. For toxic accumulation to be avoided, T cells in humans have the delta-9 desaturases to transform stearic into oleic. It is important to note that T cells from mice were immersed in stearic. The supplementation of such large amounts of stearic is impractical.

There is another question about plant magnesium, stearate and its use in making supplements. It concerns the bioavailability active ingredients contained in plant magnesium supplements. Some worry that magnesium Stearate can inhibit nutrients’ absorption into the bloodstream. Research has shown that magnesium stearate does not alter the biological availability of nutrients.

The myth that magnesiumstearate forms biofilms can also worry consumers. Soaps containing calcium-stearate/magnesium stearate will form soap residue in tubs and sinks. It’s obvious that the intestinal environment differs from the bathroom. It is important to remember that soap dregs can’t accumulate in our intestines. Soap dregs can’t be compared to biofilms. Magnesium stearate may be able to stop the formation of biofilms, in certain cases.

Some people may also be afraid of being allergic to magnesium supplement. This is unlikely as magnesium stearate has been found in many common foods. People allergic should not eat foods such as egg, beef, chicken or coconut oil containing high amounts of magnesium stearate.

Magnesium Stearate Cost

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