What is Silicon Boride Powder?

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Introduction to Silicon Boride Powder Silicon Boride This lightweight ceramic compound is also known as boron silicide. It is composed of silicon andboron. There are three types of silicon triboride.
Silicon hexaboride is also known as hexaboron Silicide. It’s a glossy, black-gray powder. SiB6 is its chemical formula. The molecular weight of SiB6 is 92.95. The relative density of the material is 2.47 g/cm3, and its melting point is 2200. It is roughly the same hardness as ruby or diamond. Silicon hexaboride is capable of conducting electricity. It is insoluble when water is used. It can be oxidized when heated in chlorine or water vapor.

Silicon Boride Powder’s Physicochemical Property
The SiB6 crystal structure includes interconnected icosahedrons, polyhedrons that have 20 faces and icosahedrons that have 26 faces. It also contains isolated silicon and bore atoms.
It is insoluble when it comes into contact with water, and is resistant to oxidation and thermal shock. It has high strength, stability, and resistance to thermal shock. The grinding efficiency of this product is superior to boron carbide.
Surface oxidation is caused by SiB6 being heated in oxygen or air. SiB6 can then be eroded at high temperatures using boiling sulfuric and fluorine, chlorin, and bromine. Borides can be used as electrical conductors. Hexamborides are low in thermal expansion and have high thermal neutron cross sections.
Silicon Boride Powder Properties
Other Names SiB6 Powder, silicon hexaboride
CAS No. 12008-29-6
Formula compound SiB6
Molecular Weight 92.95
Appearance From dark grey to black powder
Melting Point 1950
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2.43g/cm3
Solubility of H2O Insoluble
Exact Mass 93.04
Silicon Boride SiB6 Powder CAS 12008-29-6

Preparation methods for Silicon Boride Powder
The mixture of boron, silicon, and water can be heated directly. Any excess silicon can then be removed with HNO3 and HF. Molten KOH can then be used to decompose the B3Si.

Silicon Boride Powder: Applications
1 Used to grind cemented carbide, standard abrasives, and other uses.
2 are used for engineering ceramic material and sandblasting, as well as manufacturing gas engine blades and special-shaped sintering parts.
3. It is used as an oxidant in refractories.

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