What is the role and mechanism of water

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We often see concrete used on construction sites and in home improvement. However, you may not know that adding a water-reducing agent to concrete is a very important step. So, why do we need to add a water-reducing agent to concrete, and what is the function and mechanism of this additive? Next, we will reveal the answers for you.

First of all, let us understand what is water water-reducing agent.

Water reducing agent is a chemical additive, and the main component is a surfactant. It can greatly reduce the amount of water required for concrete, thus improving the strength and durability of concrete. Using this additive can save the amount of cement, reduce the cost of concrete, and improve the quality of construction.

So, what’s the purpose and function of the water-reducing agents?

Particularly, they include the following elements:

1. The effect of surfactants on water is reducing The surfactant that is contained in this water reducing ingredient may be applied to the surface of cement particles, causing them to become more dispersed, thereby reducing the demand for water in the concrete.

2. Dispersing effect Water-reducing agents will make the water within the concrete spread more uniformly, which can prevent the possibility of drying locally and settling.

3. Reduced water-water absorption: These agents reduce the amount of pores present in concrete, thereby improving its permeability and endurance.

The development history of water-reducing agents:

1. The first generation of water-reducing agent

Ordinary water reducing agent (water reduction rate 8%), also known as plasticizer; the main representative of the lignosulfonate system (sodium lignosulfonate, calcium lignosulfonate, magnesium lignosulfonate, etc.).

2. The second generation of water-reducing agent

High-efficiency water-reducing agent (water reduction rate 14%), also known as superplasticizer; the main representative of the naphthalene system, melamine system, amino sulfonate system, and aliphatic system.

3 .Third generation water reducing agent

High-performance water-reducing agent (water reduction rate 25%); the main representative of polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent, which can be divided into early-strength type, standard type, and slow-setting type.

In short water-reducing agent play an important role in concrete. It will not only increase the durability and strength of concrete, but also reduce concrete needed and cut costs. This is why water-reducing agents are an essential chemical ingredient in construction.

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