Zinc Stearate Emulsion

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zinc stearate emulsion is a good choice for lubricants and other industrial applications. It is a multi-purpose emulsion that is used as a lubricant, heat stabilizer, release agent and color retention agent. It is commonly used in the rubber industry to improve lubricity, increase wear resistance and reduce friction.

Zinc stearate is an emulsion of zinc oxide and stearic acid, also known as octadecanoic acid or ZZC. It is a white powder that is soluble in water. It is produced by a process known as the “water method.”

The production process involves putting the stearic acid into a tank and adding a catalyst to control a certain temperature and pressure. Then, the metal hydroxide is added to the molten stearic acid to replace the dissolved metal ions.

It is then centrifuged and dried to obtain a product with a fine mesh size of 200-600 microns. In addition, the production process can be improved with additives such as wetting and dispersing agents, emulsifiers, crosslinkers, bactericides and suspending agents to improve performance.

Zinc stearate is a versatile product that is found in many different industries, from plastics to concrete manufacturing. It has an array of uses, including as a release agent, a heat stabilizer and a lubricant in the plastics and rubber industries. It is also a good coating agent in the paint and lacquer industry. It is a great alternative to oil-based paints and can be combined with other additives to improve the texture of the product.

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