Zirconium Diboride

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zirconium diboride is a very high-temperature covalent refractory ceramic with hexagonal crystal structure. It is a material of great interest because of its high temperature resistance and excellent mechanical properties.

It is a light gray powder that melts at 3000 deg C. It has high strength and thermal resistance and is a promising material for hypervelocity reentry vehicles. It is also a good material for heat shields and aerodynamic leading-edges in ICBMs.

In the synthesis of zirconium diboride, boron carbide is used as a precursor. In addition, silicon carbide is also added to improve the mechanical properties of the final product.

The refractory compounds, primarily boron carbide and amorphous borides, are widely used in many fields including engineering, energy, chemical industry, and more. In particular, boron carbide is one of the most popular materials for the synthesis of refractory materials.

However, the refractory compounds require a lot of investment and cost is very high. Therefore, there is a need for alternative and cheaper refractory materials.

As a result, the study of the physicochemical and mechanical properties of a new material, ZrB2, has been carried out. The new material is composed of boron carbide and amorphous zirconium diboride.

The refractory properties of the new material are superior to those of amorphous ZrB2. It exhibits much better mechanical performance and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the refractory material has high thermal shock resistance and can be used for the heat insulation of a wide range of components.

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