The Applications of Ti3AlC2 Powder

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Overview Ti3AlC2 powder
It not only has the same electrical and thermal conductivity as metal, but also has high elastic modulus and excellent high temperature mechanical properties similar to ceramics.It also has good thermal vibration resistance,anti-destructive ability and excellent chemical corrosion resistance.
Titanium aluminum carbide Ti3AlC2 Max
What are the potential uses of Ti3AlC2 Pulver?
The Al can diffuse rapidly in the TiAl-C MAX phase and undergo selective oxidation. This results in a dense Al2O3 coating that protects the matrix material from further oxidation. The high temperature self-healing capability of the system material is due to the microstructure of the interface between titanium aluminiu carbide(Ti3AlC2and Ti2AlC2)and the formed Al2O3. High temperature environments can cause cracks or nicks to form on the material’s surface. The oxide fills these cracks so that the material can regain its original properties, particularly its mechanical properties. This property is important for maintaining the mechanical properties and increasing the reliability of the material. It also makes it more likely to be used under high temperatures.
Titanium aluminum carbide(Ti3AlC2 and Ti2AlC)has the characteristics of rapid Al diffusion and selective oxidation at high temperature,respectively,to realize the butt welding of the material itself and the welding between layers.The fracture toughness of self-welded layered materials of titanium aluminum carbide(Ti3AlC2 and Ti2AlC)has been greatly improved compared with single-phase materials.
MAX phase products,especially titanium silicon carbide(Ti3SiC2),have a series of characteristics such as high damage tolerance,good mechanical and thermal properties,making it possible to be used in fourth-generation nuclear reactors as nuclear fuel in gas-cooled fast reactors The cladding material.In recent years, the ability of titanium silicon carbide(Ti3SiC2)to resist radiation damage has attracted more and more attention.
Titanium aluminum carbide powder is widely used in the largest special ceramic materials,electronic materials,high-temperature structural materials,electrode brush materials, chemical anti-corrosion materials and high-temperature heating materials.
The electrical and thermal conductivity of titanium aluminum carbide, Ti3AlC2, is the same as that of other metals. However, it also has excellent high-temperature mechanical properties and a high elastic modulus. It has excellent heat resistance, vibration resistance and destruction resistance.
Due to the unique nano-layer crystal structure, this type of titanium aluminum carbide ceramic material (Ti3AlC2)has the characteristics of oxidation resistance, self-lubrication,high fracture toughness and conductivity at room temperature.
Titanium aluminum carbonide (Ti3AlC2) is widely used in high-temperature structures, electrode brush materials, chemical chemicals anti-corrosion material, and high temperature heating elements.
You can also use titanium aluminum carbide (Ti3AlC2) in high temperature coatings.
Aluminum titanium carbide, a multifunctional ceramic material, can be used as a precursor for nanomaterials and MXenes.
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