What is Manganese Dioxide MnO2 Powder?

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Introduction to Manganese Dioxide, MnO2 powder Manganese dioxide Also known as black manganese oxide or manganese-peroxide, it is also called manganese. It is an oxide form tetravalent mannese. MnO2 is the chemical formula. The chemical formula is MnO2. Natural MnO2 is found in pyrolusite. It is a black-brown rhombic crystal, or powder. It has a tetrahedral, which is amphoteric Manganese oxide. It is insoluble when dissolved in water and in nitric acid. However, it releases oxygen and forms manganese oxide in hot concentrated sulfuric acids. It is fused to caustic soda and oxidant, releasing carbon dioxide to make permanganate. Manganese dioxide can cause combustion or explosion by friction or coheating with organic matter, or other oxidable substances, such as sulfur, the sulfide or phosphide. It is easily reduced by strong oxidants, such as hydrogen peroxide. MnO2 can be converted to Mn2O3 by heating it above 480 in the air and Mn3O4 by heating it above 900. It is widely used for steelmaking, glass, ceramics etc.

It can be found in the forms of pyrolusite, hard manganese ore and other natural forms. You can extract it from pyrolusite. You can also prepare it by heating manganese nitrate salt or electrolytic magnese dioxide. g -Mno2 has an active component and can be used for cathodes in batteries to prevent polarization. Manganese dioxide can also be used to remove rust, oxidize, dry battery drying agents, and paint drying agents. It is also used in the preparation of manganese salts, as well as in the glass industry.

Manganese Dioxide MnO2 powder – Physical and Chemical Properties
For manganese dioxide Oxygen atoms are located at the corner of the Octahedron, and manganese is in the Octahedron. Octahedrons can be linked to form a single or double chain. This creates a tunnel structure in the gap, octahedron and hexagonal dense, respectively. Oxidizability Manganese dioxide is an organic non-salt, non-amphoteric and non-amphoteric compound that doesn’t react with acids or bases. The presence of reducing agent can cause oxidizing. To make manganese oxide, you can heat hydrogen flow heating to 1400K. Manganese dioxide heats in ammonia gas streams to produce brown and black manganese triooxide. Concentrated hydrochloric acid is used to react manganese dioxide with chlorine gas and water.

It can also display oxidation reactions in the presence strong oxidants Reductibility . When the potassium nitrate and manganese carbonate are mixed melting, people get dark green melt. After cooling it in water, they can get six valences manganese compound potassium magnate. It is a strong acid medium oxidant. Although it does not burn, it is strong oxidant and can be used in an acid medium to aid combustion.
Manganese Dioxide MnO2 Powder Properties
Other Names manganese oxide, MnO2 powder
CAS No. 1313-13-9
Formula compound MnO2
Molecular Weight 86.94
Appearance black powder
Melting Point 535degC
Boiling Point N/A
Density 5.03g/cm3
Solubility of H2O Insoluble
Exact Mass 86.9279
Manganese Dioxide MnO2 CAS 1313-13-9

Applications of Manganese Dioxide, MnO2 powder
1. Manganese dioxide is an excellent decolorizing agent for the glass industry. It can oxidize low iron salt to high ferric sodium, so the blue-green glass becomes weak yellow.
2. It is used in electronic manufacturing to produce magnetic materials made of manganese, zinc ferrite and other metals.
3. This is used in the manufacture of iron and manganese alloys and as a heating agent for the casting industry.
4. Gas masks that absorb carbon monoxide.
5. It is used in the chemical sector as an oxidant or catalyst for organic synthesizing, paint, and ink dericcant.
6. It is used as an accelerant in the match industry, and as a raw ingredient for glaze medicine for ceramics, enamel, manganese salt.
7. It is used for dyeing, water purification and iron removal.
8. An excellent depolarizing agent for batteries is electrolytic manganese oxide. It has a higher discharge capacity than the dry battery made from natural discharge manganese dioxide and a shorter life span. This makes electrolytic manganese a valuable raw material in the battery industry.
9. Because of its strong catalytic and oxidation/reduction, Ion Exchange, and Adsorption capacities, it makes a great water purification filter material. It is more effective at removing and decolorizing metals than activated carbon and zeolite.

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